Sunday, January 1, 2012

New blog

I have been writing this blog, however in-frequently, since 2009.

I have now decided to have a fresh start on a new blog for 2012. I thought that writing a blog would end up with me writing a novel. That really didn't happen. So this new blog is being started with a view to simply sharing the random things I do in my life.

Check it out at

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A very bad start!

After writing a blog about how I was going to start eating right, getting fit, and keep blogging, I have been very bad!!

Only two posts! I've barely looked at the CSIRO book! And I haven't done any exercise!

But I am having next week off work, so hopefully I can take some time, breath, and re-start my life come 1 January 2012.

So hold out until then and hopefully I will start blogging in earnest! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bad start!

Last night I moved my coffee table out of the way and set up my Wii Fit so it would be all ready for my 7am yoga session. Unfortunately at 7 this morning my body had ideas other than getting out of bed!! So I stayed in bed, I didn't exercise, I didn't eat breakfast and it was a generally bad start!!

I did, however, measure and weigh myself!
Waist: 29"
Under boobs (the bit I'm worried about): 28.5"
Weight: 53.7kg - that was at 8.15am

And tonight for dinner I did use fillo pastry instead of puff pastry since it's meant to be better for you. I wrapped some chicken breasts up in it (there may have been ham, olives, sun-dried tomato & jalsberg on the inside) and served them with salad. So that kind of used my green portion control thingy.

Anyways, I think the realistic thing to do at the moment, is wait until the new year to start stressing about it. I could exercise tonight because I had an appointment with a celebrant, and I can't do anything tomorrow night because I won't get back from Sydney until almost 8pm! Really my life is just way to busy to be fit & healthy.
And my damn fiancé is sitting next to me eating beef jerky!! And he isn't gaining any weight! Damn him and his youthful good looks!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A new way of life?

Due to some unfortunate weight gain, I have decided to make a few changes in my life.
I'm going to try and eat healthier, exercise, and actually post to my blog!!
I haven't blogged since June this year, but I have a great excuse!! Firstly I'll blame my fiancé - he takes up way too much of my time!! I've also started a new job - with the same employer but a different role, and it means that I actually don't have time to blog at work. I've downloaded a Blogging app to my iPad (supplied by work) so that hopefully I will blog more often.

So, let's start with the changes: thanks to some helpful dietitian friends I'm going to use the tools pictured below to assist me in not only eating the right things, but controlling my portion size.

Every morning I will hopefully do some Yoga on the Wii, and then I'll also hopefully include some cardio during the day as well. I'm tempted to get a bicycle and ride around a bit, but I'm paranoid about being swooped by magpies! What I should do is actually go for a skate either after work or at lunch. I think doing something after work is probably a bit more realistic, but as my friends pointed out I should do it on the way home from work, because once I get home I lose the motivation to exercise.

Tomorrow morning I will take my weight and also my waist and under-bust measurements. What I really want to change is the little roll of fat that has developed under my boobs - it's really most unattractive!!

Wish me luck!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

three years in one sitting

The other day a friend of mine from work said that she wanted to read my blog. With some hesitation I gave her the address.
I was hesitant for a number of reasons:
  • Had I written something bitchy on there about her?
  • Would she think that I was crazy (well, more crazy than she already thinks I am!)?
  • Would she turn around and say "Wow, this is really badly written"?
I wasn't too sure what to expect. But as she was reading it I hear her laughter, she read out a few bits to me, and seemed to enjoy it.

She commented afterwards that reading the posts from over three years was really enlightening. She could clearly see a change in my attitude, saying that I'm now a lot happier. Apparently the New Years Eve posts were where the clearest difference could be seen - which is probably true. I know that I hated the thought of another New Years Eve alone, and so I was sure to blog about it. Now I'm not alone, but I don't blog as much. I guess now that I'm happier I don't feel I have to rant about every little thing.
Or maybe I do my ranting to my boyfriend instead!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

things that I find are rude

There are a numberbof things that I find rude in relation to my work:
* complaining about having to eat FREE duck for dinner while drinking FREE wine and participating in FREE education which is required by your profession;
* complaint about having to pay for parking while eating your FREE dinner, drinking your FREE wine and participating in FREE education which is required by your profession;
* billing people for your time, which you haven't provided, and then failing to show up to facilitate an event - which you were meant to - without any explanation (that being said, I hope that there hasn't been an accident or anything);
* registering to attend events (that cost money to put on, usually at s per head cost) and then not arriving or providing any explanation. I actually love the people who cancel on the days of an event, because at least they're cancelling!!!
* people who have no skill or knowledge being charged to run projects - they obviously fail, they frustrate the people who do know what they're doing, they end up getting praise for other people's work and it's just plain annoying!

Things that I appreciate in relation to my work:
* presenters who are so lovely that they don't make an issue of the fact that the facilitator has failed to arrive;
* members who recognize that you must be doing a lot of work, and they tell you they appreciate it;
* people who call to see if there are any places available on the day of the event, rather than those who just arrive without registering.

After having a facilitator not showing up to an event, which I really didn't want to be at either but I still went to, I just had to vent. I work with general practitioners and they seriously think that they are gods - but they're not!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

knitting success

I have successfully knitted a jumper!! Before I finished the jumper I had knitted a beanie (that unravelled) and a beret (that is still going strong), but this is my first ever jumper.
It didn't even take me too long to knit. I probably started it about 4 weeks ago, and obviously I wasn't working on it all the time. I also had to undo huge portions that I had done wrong (knitted back to front and the like).
All in all I'm pretty happy with it. I bought some red wool today so that I can start knitting a vest, and I also got some green, blue and white wool so that I can knit a Raiders scarf (for the football).
I have to say that I really like knitting. It seems a lot simpler than sewing. Admittedly it's actually more difficult (the pattern reading alone takes some concentration), but it's a skill from another time, that is still valid today, and hasn't changed any since centuries ago when people first started knitting.
I just did a quick search and it seems that knitting started gaining popularity in the sixteenth century with a high demand of knitted stockings. There is also evidence of some kind of knitted stuff from even it's definitely been around for a while.

Monday, April 18, 2011


This weekend I was at a wedding. It was for people that I didn't really know too well, the Groom is my boyfriend's best friend, but it was lovely and I think it shows what kind of person someone is when their friends are super nice as well!
Even though I had to sit by myself (well not with my boyfriend) I still felt really welcomed and surrounded by friends.
It was strange being there with my boyfriend, but still kind of being there alone. Because he was a groomsmen he wasn't standing with me during the ceremony, or sitting with me at dinner. So I still kind of felt like I was there alone. But once all the formalities were over it was nice to be there with a partner.

As usual at weddings I take things away that I'd like to do at a wedding, and I think of things that I definitely wouldn't do. At this wedding they had great hand painted place cards (well little canvases actually) and lolly jars for every guest. But the DJ absolutely sucked!! He was playing horrible skanky music that was not romantic at all!!
But they also had a Photo Booth there which was a lot of fun and everyone really enjoyed it. I'd like to have one at my 30th birthday as well.

All in all it was a lovely wedding!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I desire a nice knitted sweater, but I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for it, so I'm going to try and make one for myself! I went to buy a knitting pattern, but luckily I read through the pattern before I bought it. Lucky because I realised that I can't read knitting patterns and I have no idea what I'm doing!
Enter a book: Not your mamas knitting. Bought from an actual bookstore in an attempt to support the dying out chain that my sister was working for.

It is pretty handy and fairly easy to follow, and when it isn't easy to follow I simply head to YouTube and find a tutorial. For example, knitting on a round needle just wasn't working for me no matter how much I yelled at it. So I found a YouTube tutorial and now I should be able to do it (I haven't tried yet).

Things I have learnt:
  • Cable stitch - very cool for jumpers and the like
  • Fishermans rib - essential for the bottoms of jumpers and sleeves
  • Assorted abbreviations - it's like a whole new language! Very strange!
And so I don't think I'll be letting this book out of my sight any time soon. Oh, I should contact it so that it doesn't get damaged. I will do that this Sunday. I'll spend some time contacting all of my books. It's not weird - it protects them!

Monday, March 21, 2011

roller derby

Roller Derby is my latest passion! I love the speed of it, the roughness and the complexity. I love that it's a bunch of girls playing a rough sport! I love that you don't just go out and throw a ball around, but you have costumes personalities and bruises!
The Canberra Roller Derby League (or CRDL as its known to those too lazy to say the whole thing) is the local league which features 4 teams: The BrindaBelters, The Black & Blue Belles, The Surly Griffins & The Red Bellied Black Hearts.
All of the teams are awesome, but I probably see myself as more of a Red Bellied Black Heart - they dress up as pirates when they're not playing!
I'm waiting for more information to come out about the Fresh Meat intake, but I'm all set to go. I have my skates, my helmet, pads for my knees and elbows and wrist guards. I'm planning to get out on my skates at lunch time as often as I can. I didn't today because, lets face it, I'm lazy. But hopefully I will tomorrow!
Check out for more information!

Monday, February 28, 2011

fashion victims

I know that fashion has a tendancy to repeat itself, but don't you think that some things should just never come back in fashion. Like short pants and stockings for men.

Or men in belted sweaters.
Well I saw some shocking fashions on the weekend - always worn by young girls, who look like they think they're in a music video. And let me tell you, just because Lady Gaga wears it in a music video, it doesn't mean you should wear it in public.
One girl in particular stood out - she was wearing a white lace top, over a hot-pink bra, with a mini skirt and she had one black fingerless glove on her right hand. Her friend also had a black fingerless glove on her right hand.
They looked absolutely ridiculous. And one could say that maybe they were in fancy dress...but I really don't think they were. I think they had dressed like that on purpose and thought that they looked awesome. I'll tell you now, they didn't!
I think that I would like to start taking photos of fashion victims - I should do it with my phone and try to be subtle. Of course I would blur out the faces, but gosh it would be funny!!
Stay tuned for fashion victim photos!

Friday, February 25, 2011

five languages of love

Today one of my friends told me about the Five Languages of Love. Apparently there are only 5 ways in which people express love, and I did a quick test and my result was "Physical" - which isn't the kinky kind of physical, just touching and that. Which is quite interesting considering I don't really like people touching me. Except for my boyfriend that is.
The five languages are:
  • words of affirmation
  • quality time
  • receiving gifts
  • acts of service
  • physical touch
I think I would say that my boyfriend uses the gifts language - I think he had only known me a week before he sent a single long stemmed red rose to my work! - and physical touch. When we first started dating one of my friends commented that we couldn't keep our hands off each other - we always had to be holding hands, or touching in some way. I think that has dropped off a bit, but we still do it. Even when we're sitting at home watching TV, him on the lounge and me on my chaise, we're still almost always touching. And for someone that doesn't like to be touched, that's a big thing!

But then there are the 'acts of service' - when my boyfriend carried my carry-on bag all around the airports for me. It was my choice to bring a carry on bag, and so I was prepared to carry it, but he would take it off me every time. That's love.

What is your love language - there is a link at the bottom of my blog to the 5 love languages quiz.


I am in competition for my boyfriends affections. Unfortunately the competition isn't in the form of another girl (which I could solve by smacking her down), it's in the form of sport. Over summer Cricket has been taking his attention (both playing and watching), and now it is football.

My work has picked up again so that I'm working basically two nights every week - but still working full time because I'm too busy to take the time off. So that means at least two of my days each week are 12 hours or more of work. So no, I don't really feel like going to a club and watching football on TV, or even watching a live football game. And only one code of football has started back! There are three codes in total, plus soccer, so I don't know when I'll actually see my boyfriend.

At the moment I am just too tired to fight it - but I fear that soon I'll be so tired that if he suggests watching football instead of seeing me I'll end up crying. But I don't want to be the girlfriend who says "No, you can't watch the football with your mates". I guess I'd rather be the girlfriend whose boyfriend would rather spend time with her than with football.
Maybe it's just because cricket and football are overlapping at the moment. Hopefully once cricket finishes (on the 19th of March) I'll have a boyfriend on Saturdays that I can do things with...unless there is a football game on, of course!

Monday, February 21, 2011

new design

In an effort to procrastinate even more I have re-designed my blog.
I realised that I have had this blog for a while now, and maybe it needed a bit of a pick-me-up. There's nothing like a new pair of shoes to make you feel better, so here they are: blue, kind of stripey, shoes.
Will this get me more readers? I don't know - probably not. But I'm going to make an effort to write about interesting things...not just ramble on about my own very boring issues.
Wish me luck!


Looking today at my Google Analytics page I was struck by the thought: what attracts thousands of readers to one blog, but not to another? This thought also stems from watching Julie & Julia on the weekend - which is about a girl called Julie who decides to go through all of Julia Child's recipes in one year and writes a blog about it.

As you can see from this screen capture

it's not like I don't have anyone reading my blog, I just don't have the thousands that some other blogs have.

Why? Maybe it's the name of my blog "The Duchess" it's not very descriptive is it. It doesn't tell you what this blog is about. But what is this blog about? Not much - just my random musings on life, and my opinions on stuff.

The average time on the site is only 24 seconds...hmm...what can I do to get people to stay longer? Maybe I need more drama or I need something that people actually want to read about. But that is the $50,000 question, isn't it? What do you want to read about?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fight for your right

At the moment I am feeling as though I have to fight to do my job. Not in the sense that I'm being discriminated against for being a woman, but in the sense that everyone else seems to think that they can do my job better than me and so they go ahead and do it!

It's very frustrating when you go to do something that is meant to be your responsibility only to find it has already been done - and not because I took too long to do it, but because the other person just decided to do it themselves.

I also think that I'm going to need to say to a work mate "I sometimes feel that you think I'm stupid with the tone you use to talk to me. I have a university degree and fairly high intelligence level (proof of which can be found in the fact that I understand things more quickly and more concisely than you do) so I don't need things explained to me as though I'm retarded".

But then I run the risk of offending this person because she's highly strung.

And then I think that the more highly strung you are and high maintenance you are the more support you receive from management here. Which is a bit annoying, because I can't be bothered making a fuss for no reason, but without that fuss I don't get any recognition!

Friday, February 4, 2011

don't want to rush things

What do those 5 words actually mean?

Do they mean:
  • You want things to stop?
  • You want things to slow down?
  • You're feeling rushed/pressured?
  • Or you're just a dick?

They're probably some of the most often said words in relationships but I don't think they actually express what is going on with the person who is saying them. Especially when that person says things like "I'll always want to marry you".

So really - what does that mean!?!?!

end of business

I have decided to officially 'close' my business. In 2009 I left my job without another job to go to (due to working in the car industry with horrible people!) and I decided to start my own event management business. I have had a total of 1 paying job, and that was from a friend. I have not had any enquiries or anything. True, I haven't done a lot to promote my business. I advertised in the Canberra Wedding Guide (for about $1,000 and got no response), and I was interviewed for an article on weddings in the CBD and I thought that might generate some interest, but no.

So I have just requested that my website close at the end of this month, and I will throw out most of my 1,000 business cards that I had printed (yes, I was a little over-zealous). I think I'll keep the letter head that I bought, I can use that for scrap paper and it was only about 500 pages.
I will box up all of my business related stuff and store it just in case it's needed for tax purposes, or I decide to start it all over again.
The frustrating thing is that with events people think that anyone can organise them. And I guess that is true to some extent, if you want a crappy event and a stressed out organiser. If people hired me to plan their event, they would get a great event and be able to enjoy it!

Monday, January 10, 2011

hunting for a job

Time and time again I find myself applying for new jobs. The average length of time that I've stayed in each position is 1 year, I don't know if I get bored after about 9 months, or what the problem is.

At the moment I'm just feeling that I'm wasting my time in my current job. I'm bored, don't always like the people that I work with, and I feel un-apreciated and under-paid.

But what kind of job do I want? I had a job that I really liked, but I wanted a small pay rise and didn't get it. When I quit they offered me a huge pay rise!! I should have taken it and stayed, but I feel with the Global Financial Crisis they would have had to cut my pay eventually anyways.

Maybe I just want to be a super hero

Or a Burlesque star

Do you think any of those organisations are hiring? In Canberra!?!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 here we come

2011 has started and so far I am being true to my New Years resolutions: 1. take more photos - already posted on Facebook! and 2. excersise - I've already gone for a walk around the lake. Tonight I'm hoping to get out on my skates for a bit.

I'm also hoping to find a new job this year that I actually like and that pays me what I'm worth...we'll see if that actually happens.

From being a spinster last New Years Eve, this time I saw the New Year in with my boyfriend who said to me "this past year has been the best year of my life because I met you. But this new year will be even better because I'll get to spend the whole year with you". And I'm so proud that I totally stopped myself from crying when he said that!!

So this year looks like it will be a coupled up happy one - no more 'independent women' or 'i don't need a man', now I'm all 'you make me feel like a natural woman'. Sickening isn't it!?!

Friday, December 24, 2010

end of a year and more...

This New Years Eve I will be celebrating a little bit more than usual. I will be saying goodbye to a year that saw a massive change in my life. A boyfriend. Someone who loves me for my craziness, looks after me when I'm sick, and thinks that I'm a fabulous cook.
I started 2010 probably thinking that I was never going to meet anyone, and I'll be finishing 2010 kissing the man of my dreams.

I didn't think the man of my dreams actually existed, and yes I've had to accept some less-than dream-like qualities, but I'm sure he has had to as well.
Christmas Eve will be spent with his Grandparents, then Christmas morning with his family and boxing day with my family. Things have certainly changed, and all in the space of under 5 months.

This change has also meant that I have a lot less time for the stuff that I used to do - like blogging. Now I'm living my life instead of just dreaming about what it could be. Although "living" does sometimes mean hanging out on the couch watching a DVD....but don't worry, it's usually followed by great sex!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

it's your choice

The way that you react to certain situations is entirely your choice.
If your workplace posts a motivational sign, for whatever reasons, it is your choice to read it. It is your choice to react to it. I have one of these signs directly in front of me, and after I've read it once I barely notice it.
So it's your choice.
Do you want to look like this:

or like this:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

not just sex, not hanging out or winging it

Finally I have met a guy who seems to actually like me and not want to keep me at arms length while playing the ever seductive withholding game. This should be a great change and I should be shouting from the roof tops, but honestly it kind of scares me. You can get so comfortable with a certain kind of behaviour, however bad it is, that any kind of change can make you uneasy.
I find myself thinking "wow, he wants to see me again", "hmmm, he didn't try and makeout with me on the couch", "he holds my hand in public", "really, he told you we were together?". These are all things that I'm just not used to!
I'm so much more comfortable with telling friends "oh, we're not serious. We're just hanging out", or "I don't know when I'll see (or even hear from) him next", and then watching him dart away if anyone ever brings out a camera.
But now I'm not sure what comes next, what I'm allowed to expect of him and what he will expect of me. Can I invite him to a work dinner next week, or is that too much? Do I introduce him as my boyfriend or do we still have to have that conversation? And do I have to stop dating other people?
It's all very confusing! I also don't know what I can ask him, and what I can't! Hmmm... very strange.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

upcoming movies I want to see

The Expendables

The Other Guys

Vampires Suck - although I may wait until this one is on DVD.

Easy A

The Adjustment Bureau

Dinner for Schmucks

slow down, take it easy

On the weekend I went to the snow with some friends. While we were driving to the snowfields we came around a corner to see a car coming towards us and crossing over the lines on to our side of the lane. Luckily they corrected, but seriously they should just slow down!
Then when we were leaving we were over-taken about three times which is extreme considering the narrow road and the fact that we were doing the speed limit.
I know that the 'Speed Kills' ads don't work too well, but if you watch them all in one sitting, well they do make a difference. Watch this video and slow down.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

safe and protected

There is something to be said for feeling safe with a man. Actually, not just safe but protected. That feeling that if something were to happen that guy would save you or protect you. Like when the car nearly hit Bella in Twilight!

It's the feeling you get when you're doing some kind of adventure sport and you know someone is keeping an eye on you.

It's that sense of safety when you feel strongly muscled arms around you.

It's the complete opposite to when you look at a guy and think "gosh, he would collapse under my weight!" or "he would never defend my honour". There was something to be said for a good old fashioned duel over a ladies honour.

Do you think that 'being able to rescue me' is too much of a princess requirement to put on you list of what you look for in a man? I worry that I may find myself torn between a man who could save me and one who couldn't. I have to admit that if everything else was equal between the two guys, the being able to rescue me would push one guy to the top of the list. But what if they can both rescue me!!

Is it too much to ask for men to compete in a series of physical challenges to win the hand of a fair maiden? I think my challenges of choice would be a joust and a caber toss!

Friday, July 30, 2010

prisoner of war

Last night I dreamt that I was a Prisoner of War.

I had been working at an air show, and while being quite impressed by a demonstration we realised that it wasn't a demonstration and that the planes were actually shooting at us! Running back into the hanger we became prisoners.

The dream went on with a few random encounters. Then I went up to one of the guards, who looked a lot like Paul Bettany, and asked if it could be arranged for us to have just 5 minutes outside in the fresh air - I was craving fresh air! There were some women who were allowed to go outside to hang washing, but I wasn't one of them. The guard was sympathetic and I could tell that he was a nice person, even if he was keeping me prisoner.

Then I had an altercation with another prisoner and a female guard intervened. I think the other prisoner was killed but I can't remember. When I came back from this meeting I stood there and looked outside - the prisoners were outside enjoying the fresh air. I saw the male guard and he smiled at me and I mouthed the words "thank you".
He then pulled me aside and said that he was leaving. The war was almost over, and he had to go home to Canada. He showed me a card with a baby on it and the year 2036. I think this was either his baby, or his expected baby.

He shook my hand but didn't let go. I took his hand and put it on my cheek. I was crying. He was upset, looking in my eyes, and I told him "I've always loved you".

He pulled his hand back and walked away.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

best party ever

On the weekend a friend of mine had a party. It was a Mad Hatters Party - we all had to wear hats. And it was fabulous!

I commented to one of my friends at the party that there was a very good ratio of men to women there, and we both agreed that it was the best ratio either of us had ever seen at a party. Not only were there a good amount of men present, the men that were there also seemed to be of a good quality. It was a rare occurrence of quantity and quality!

And it turned out that we were right, the ratio was fantastic and at least four men (that we know of) went home with girls phone numbers! It is true that two of those men have the same girls number, but all is fair in love and war.

I also believe that the hats may have helped a bit. I was wearing a Jordanian scarf over my hair, and when I guy walked in with a Bedouin head dress he was told that his perfect match was here and brought directly over to me. He ended up asking for my friends number, but I will take credit for that since he came over to talk to me!

There were also people wearing sombreros who congregated and I believe a little match was made there as well!

Well over the next week there are a couple of girls in town who will be having first dates with these men, I wonder if they will lead to second and third dates? I hope so!

Monday, July 12, 2010

shopping list for a husband

A friend of mine has lent me the book Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough by Lori Gottlier, and in the prologue of this book Lori has written her 'Shopping list for a man' - and to all the people who think that I'm too fussy, just check out this list (with my comments in Pink.
  • Intelligent - well dah! Of course you want a guy who is at least a little bit smart!
  • Kind - once again, isn't that a given?
  • Extremely funny - why 'extremely' funny? How about just a little bit funny?
  • Curious - what do you mean? As in 'curious about anal sex', I DON'T THINK SO!!
  • Loves kids - in a pedophile way? Do you want a husband or a father?
  • Financially stable - that would be good. You don't want to have to support him.
  • Emotionally stable - naturally.
  • Sexy - like Justin Timberlake? I don't think many guys are really that sexy.
  • Romantic - that would be appreciated. But my Dad once scraped the ice off my mum's car, so she wouldn't have to do it, and I think that is more Romantic than anything in a fairy tale.
  • Passionate - to the extent of doing it in a toilet at the pub? I don't think 'passion' is that important.
  • Compassionate - hmm....don't really know about this one.
  • Irreverent - that's a big word.
  • Intuitive - how about psychic?
  • Generous - considering how used I am to being spoilt, I'm going to say that this would be a good quality.
  • Same religion but not too religious - I just want someone who is open about religion and not in a cult all kinds of brain-washed!
  • Optimistic but not naive - just asking for too much.
  • Ambitious but not a workaholic - once again, asking too much.
  • Talented but humble - I'm thinking a saint would be more likely!
  • Warm but not clingy - I thought she wanted someone who is passionate!
  • Grounded but not boring - grounded?
  • Soulful but not new-agey - what about religion?
  • Vulnerable but not weak - are you serious!
  • Quirky but not weird - no comment.
  • Free-spirited but responsible - how about someone who wears flowers in his hair?
  • Charismatic by genuine - kind of like James Bond.
  • Strong but sensitive - like He-Man I'm thinking.
  • Athletic but not a sports nut - what if he was one of those hot soccer players?
  • Open-minded but has conviction - does this really need to be on the list?
  • Decisive but not bossy - personally I kind of like it when a guy tells me what to do!
  • Mature but not old - how about 'young at heart, but not young'.
  • Creative but not an artist - creative how? Embroiders his own pillows?
  • Supportive of my dreams and goals - this one is ok.
  • Has a sense of wonderment about the world - WHAT??
  • Is close to my age (shares my cultural references) - the cultural references thing makes sense.
  • Good listener and communicator - maybe you'd be better off with a woman!
  • Flexible and can compromise - as long as he's bendy!
  • Sophisticated - well educated, well traveled, has been around - I think the well traveled and well educated options are good.
  • Over 5'10" but under 6'0" - as long as he's taller than me, it's all good.
  • Has a full head of hair (wavy and dark would be nice - no blonds) - I actually don't mind bald guys, and have lately been attracted not only to blonds but rangers as well.
  • Has shared political views - this is a good one.
  • Is not into sci-fi or comic books - this could be a problem because actually don't mind a bit of sci-fi or comic book movies.
  • Has good taste/sense of aesthetics - well if he's going out with me he obviously has good taste!
  • Health-conscious and physically fit - I agree with this one - but not if he tries to make me exercise.
  • Cares about the community at large - and is attempting to achieve saint-hood.
  • Cares about animals - this is a good point.
  • Competent - well you definitely don't want him to be incompetent.
  • Handy around the house - yep, I need this one.
  • Cooks - as long as he can look after himself and not starve, that's good enough for me.
  • Likes the outdoors (hiking, biking, Rollerblading) - I guess this would be good.
  • Likes my friends (and I like his) - this is a fairly good one as well, I wouldn't want his friends to be jerks.
  • Not moody - yeah, I'm moody enough for the both of us.
  • Trustworthy - would I be dating him if he wasn't?
  • Is a team player - are we on a team?
  • Is literary and enjoys wordplay - 'wordplay' like scrabble!?!
  • Is math or science oriented - I thought she wanted someone creative?
  • Likes discussing (but not arguing about) world politics and world events - this would be good, although I don't mind a good argument.
  • Stylish - nah, I'm stylish enough for the both of us.
  • Not a slob - this is an important one.
  • Is madly in love with me - yep, I want this. I want a guy to sweep me off my feet!
Isn't this the longest list ever! And so specific! With a list like this I'm not surprised that she struggled to find a man. And the next time someone says that I'm too fussy I'm going to show them this list - there are things I here that I would never have thought of, and that I wouldn't event bother thinking of.

I'm sure that this book will continue to inspire me to write more posts, so stay tuned.


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